Monday, April 29, 2013

has it really?...

...been two weeks already since I posted and said I'd be right back!?




A post with some meat, I tell ya, some meat!

Sunday, April 14, 2013



Yes, I'm alive.

We're alive.


Much going on in our lives.  I have wanted to post, but just simply haven't had the time.  And will likely not have a lot of time in the next month or so, so bear with me.

I will post more details soon.

We had a lovely day at my parents' house at the lake today -- it felt like summer!  I want to post recent photos of the kids -- I so need to update the photos to your right.  Yikes they're outdated.

And I want to do an update on all the kids.

So much good to report.  They're all wonderful.

Thankful for it all.  Even the moments when James will not be quiet for one single minute.  Not one.  I think there are days when he talks from the moment his lids blink open in the morning until the moment they heavily close at night.  Truly amazing.  I have never...

Love to you all!  I miss you!  And want to post on here more.  I hope to update you on what's brewing in our lives very, very soon.

Stay and updates coming soon.


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