Sunday, August 18, 2013

the state of the family: part 5 {james}

Oh, where to begin with our Jimmy Jam?

He is doing so, so well.  I am in complete awe of what God has done over the last year.

We're embarking on some old and new things.

Old being a new round of appointments with James' prosthetist who's making him a new leg brace (he barely fits in his current one...this little guy's definitely growing).  And they'd like to make him a new prosthetic arm with more function.  We're not sure if this is worthwhile, at this point.  We'll see.

He was such a trooper.

This is a major attitude shift from his previous round of appointments a year ago.

He just watched.

And rolled with it all.

In looking back at this blog to where James was last year, it is truly amazing.  Y'all, he runs, jumps, hops, and tries to do everything everyone else is doing around him.  He tries and that's all he needs to do in life is try everything he wants to try.  He talks about playing football and doing gymnastics and horseback riding and playing soccer.  Whatever he hears being discussed, he wants to do!  So sweet.  And I have a funny hunch he'll do oh-so-much!

We have such a case of monkey-see-monkey-do going on in our family.  Notice how he's looking at Jackson and how he put his finger to his mouth exactly like Jackson did?  It's crazy.  He's been heard saying things like, 'Let's do this thing!'  Clearly, he loves to mimic his older brothers.

The newest thing we're embarking on is this:

And, if you can't tell, James is a tad disinterested.

He even picked out new underwear at Target.  

And the Skittles are waiting.  But, even with his cute, sheepish grin, he's not participating.

It's a tough one.  He's four years old, but more like a three-year-old in a lot of ways.  It's hard to have full conversations with a child about how he needs a diaper change and should really use the potty!  It just seems so counterintuitive.  Let's just say I'm very ready for him to decide he's ready.  I so want him out of diapers, but it's just not happening -- yet!  One of the biggest challenges is, with four older siblings, we have places to be all the time and so devoting three days to not leaving home to potty train is a big challenge.  Prayers appreciated!  Four-year-old poohs are not my thing.  :)

We also had a sweet little birthday celebration for Jimmy Jam on Thursday.  Nothing fancy, but we had to do something because he so deserves it!

This is the mask that popped out of his 'Monsters University' birthday card he got from Mimi and Pappy.  He was so excited (although he doesn't look it here)!

Brooks and Jackson are all up in it.

Avery made him a crown like our older kids' preschool used to make them.  So fun.

He got a slip-n-slide from Beverly and Bootsie.  We have the perfect sloping backyard for it.  

Payton, Avery, Jackson and Brooks made his dinosaur cupcakes for him.  He picked out the dinosaur candles a month ago.  

Isn't he so big!?

I could kiss those little cheeks off.

In just a couple of weeks, James will start preschool three mornings a week.  It's going to be a great school year!  I'm so excited for him -- he's watched and waited for a long time and now it's his turn.  

We're wrapping up a fun summer full of travels and lazy days.  It's been especially fun having James with us for all of it!  He's truly part of our family in such a whole and deep way.  I can't tell you how normal and fitting it feels to have him as a Beam.  I hardly ever think anymore about what it was like before he was here.  We're counting ourselves as blessed for having him with us each and every day.  


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