Sunday, May 17, 2015

i see summer...

I am so excited!

I see summer lurking just around the corner and I am thrilled.

Payton and Avery are done with school at Westminster.  I'm just trying to keep the gears moving with Brooks and Jackson.  James' last day of preschool is Thursday.  Sniff.

I can't believe that little dude is headed to elementary school and will say bye to his dear preschool teachers.  I can't even begin to describe to you the servant's hearts of those amazing women.  Truly remarkable.

We've had lots more meetings for James.  We did a child study and evaluation for an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) and then finalized the IEP last week.  I love all involved in his case.  There is unanimous agreement that we want the least restrictive environment possible for him; meaning we want him to be able to try, troubleshoot and persist through all the obstacles presented to him while at the same time helping him when necessary to keep him safe.  From the beginning, I was adamant that he needs to ride a regular school bus with his neighborhood ladies buddies.  He needs to be as included as possible.  He needs to march through is day as he always does without people coddling all over him because, let me tell you, he can charm the pants off some folks!

I am elated at how things have panned out.  There's no doubt in my mind that he should go to school and will love it!


We decided not to take him to Florida to see the doctor there because we knew that wasn't sustainable for us -- we just can't realistically fly to/from Florida to use a doctor when it seems that highly reputable doctors are much closer.  So, the doctor from Florida came from Baltimore, so we're headed to that facility on Monday, June 8th for a second opinion.  If we like the doctor, feel good about his recommendations, we're hoping to schedule his first limb-lengthening surgery before he starts school mid-August!  But first we need to get to/from the Philippines, ha!

The update there is that Christine has two very important meetings this week -- her visa medical screening to ensure that she's healthy to travel and her final interview for ICAB to check-in and make sure she hasn't changed her mind.  She and I communicate regularly and she seems very excited for us to come get her!  We are counting the days.  It's looking like the end of June or early July.

I will keep you posted!

Finally, some big news around here is that we've decided that Jackson and Brooks will go to the elementary school next year.  And I am thrilled!  As are they!  Good stuff.  More on that later....

Prayer requests:

1.  Pray that all goes well with Christine's appointments this week -- she had an appendectomy a couple of months ago and was quite unwell -- so we really want her better!  And pray for God to prepare her heart as she leaves the Philippines.

2.  Pray that we will be filled with wisdom and discernment when it comes to making medical decisions for James.

3.  Pray that our boys will finish their school year with a bang!

4.  Pray for safe travels for us as we travel to get Christine.

I'll do another, more fun (with photos), post soon!


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