Thursday, July 28, 2011


JD and I have had lots 'n lots of conversations over the months about how very exciting it will be to meet James and hold him in our arms. But then our discussions quickly shift to how terribly traumatic that glorious event (for us) will be for him. The true fear he may experience by being, in his heart and mind, virtually kidnapped by two strange white people.

Well, look at these photos.

Y'all, this precious little girl's new adoptive parents have loved and adored her from afar for so many months. But to her, they're just strangers. As is obvious from the photos.

Some countries introduce adoptive parents to the adoptive child and then require the parents to visit the child at the orphanage for as much as six weeks of daily visits and multiple trips for the parents before the adoption is final. As much as that may be hard on the adoptive parents -- especially those who have children they've left at home -- it may be the easiest transition for the child.

China, on the other hand, introduces the child to the parent(s) and the child goes with the parent(s) that very day back to their hotel. Within just days, the adoption is final. The parent(s) and child are usually back in the States within two weeks. Again, nice and swift for the parents, but perhaps way too rapid for a child's little heart to adjust.

JD and I have heard the stories. But these photos bring it very close to home. In just a matter of months, we will be overjoyed while James will likely be terrified.

Of us.

James may very well refuse to eat. He may cry for hours and hours in grief. He may not be able to sleep. He may completely withdraw and stop doing all the things that he was doing -- including talking, smiling, playing, and laughing.

For months, I've been praying for God to prepare our hearts, but now that prayer seems more desperate. A month zips by so fast these days and to think we could be traveling in as little as four months (probably six, but you never know) means that time is of the essence. Our sweet James needs prayer. We need prayer.

Thank you for your support, love and prayers.

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