Wednesday, January 30, 2013

created for care

Getting away last weekend for the Created for Care retreat was wonderful.  It was so neat just to go!  The only person I packed for was myself!

Our kids were a tad scattered this time whereas normally they all go together to the same home of family/friends.  This time was different because JD had to take Avery to a meet a couple of hours away, so Payton and James headed home with my mom (who was no longer headed out of town) and Brooks and Jackson went to spend the night with one of their most favorite friend's.

Do you know I did not pack a single bag other than my own?!

Not one.

That is so not like me.   

It was so freeing to know that it would be fine.  That my mom and JD were perfectly capable (and willing!) to throw some stuff for the kids in bags and off they went.  

I can't tell you how neurotic I have been in the past.  And made myself completely crazy in the process.  I think I'm starting to finally relax a little as I get older.  Thank God!   

One of the things that made the retreat so wonderful was the serenity of Lake Lanier in Georgia.

I was so encouraged by the 450 (!) women there who have a spirit for adoption.  If I can go back every year, I'm there!

When we registered for the event, we had to answer a few basic questions about ourselves and our family.

This is cool:

More than 200+ of the women there had already adopted, the rest were waiting to bring their child(ren) home.

The 450 women there represented approximately 1,000 children whose lives have been/will be changed forever through the miracle of adoption.

There were some really cool, right-hearted companies there.  Such neat stuff for such great causes.   

And time set aside to draw a little closer to the Lord through slowing down and reflecting.   

And before I knew it, I was back in my rental car headed to the airport.  But not without the clouds clearing and the blessing of a beautiful sunrise. 

Saw this right after I stopped and watched some deer meander across the road.

As if all this weren't enough, I was also able to enjoy a leisurely brunch with my dear college friend, Karen.  She lives about 30 minutes from where the retreat took place.  Seeing each other face-to-face was such a treat!

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