Tuesday, September 25, 2012

james: amazing things!

Man, oh man.  I can't keep up with the events of life on this here blog.  

I think of posts I'd like to write.  

One on the summer we had and it's conclusion.

One on school starting and how all that's going (the girls at home: great!...the boys in kindergarten: well, that's a post in and of itself).

One with photos from our vacation at the beach (yes, after the boys had started school.  Ugh.  We had planned it when we thought they were going to be homeschooled).

And, this one, on the enormous progress James is making!

Maybe I'll get to them.  One by one.  We'll see.  But, if not, I must get to this one!  Because you won't believe it.

Our sweet, determined, defying-the-odds, little boy is walking.

And he doesn't even have his prosthetic/orthotic for his leg yet!  Perhaps tomorrow morning.  He just stands up in the middle of the room and goes!

His appointments have not been fun.  Just take a gander.   

Poor baby.


He's being casted to have the molds made for the prosthetics.

The prosthetists don't hurt him.  They just press and bend and squeeze and tweak.  They come in and out of the room over and over again.  They come in the room: James loses it.  

They leave the room: he's happy.  

They come back: he loses it.  

And, occasionally, he's agreeable.

This is a good look at the prosthetic/orthotic for his leg.  Oh how I wonder if he'll wear this thing.  
He does not like it!

Notice the shoe under his right foot?  The foot in the shoe is a prosthetic foot that's attached under the leg brace's foot support.  It will give him the support he needs in his ankle and knee and it will give him the 2" he needs on his right leg.  Very cool.  

Photo from behind.

Measuring the lengths.

Not happy again.

Not quite there.  Still a little too long.

Just need a half an inch less on the right.

Pray that he'll let me put this thing on his leg.  He's very adverse to it.

Also, he did get his prosthetic arm for his right side last week and has been such a sweet trooper about wearing it.  He protests and complains (with a little tears), but I can easily start talking about him watching Elmo when we're done and he perks right up and is over the arm issue.  And then he wears it all day without complaint!  That's awesome.

I know James is on his way to amazing things.  Our dream is to see him run.  One day!

I so need to get some video of him walking and I'll get some shots of him with his prosthetic arm on too.  

On Sunday at church, James walked by himself into his classroom.  It was so sweet.  The director of our children's ministry was so moved.  We all are!

Go, Jimmy Jam, go!  

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