Sunday, July 26, 2015

we're here!

It’s Monday, July 27th and we’re here in the Baguio Children’s Home where Christine has lived for the last five years.  I wish I could chronicle every thought, sight and feeling so far.  I can tell that my time on-line is going to be very limited.  Not just by the spotty internet signal, but the opportunities to sit and write are going to be few.  And posting photos is hard.  No time to download the photos.  When we were in China, we spent many days just hanging out in our hotel room — we didn’t yearn to get out and about, we were trying to be sensitive to the fact that James had hardly ever ridden in a car and we were strangers to him.  Plus, he napped.  :)

This time, we’re adopting a teenager who is very much aware of the fact that she’s about to lose every stinkin’ thing that’s familiar to her.  It's altogether different.  

Our flights/travels here were great.  Smooth and issue-free (after God overcame our seat assignment debacle).  Even our drive to Baguio from Manilla was peaceful — I felt your prayers!  Thank you!  We were on the windiest road, in rain, where cars do not stay in their lanes.  God was carrying us along the roadways to accomplish the goal He set before us.  Every bit of this trip, each day that passes, is a step closer to bringing Christine home.  A joy for us!  But at great loss for her.  

The reality is that Christine is saying her last goodbyes to the people she loves.  She will leave every familiar sight, sound, smell she experiences everyday.  We were awoken to roosters crowing this morning.  We slept with our windows open all night.  She wanted to ride along while a caregiver took the older children to school, so she went downstairs before us and we could hear the immediate squeals of delight when the children came running to greet her (she’s like a mama to them).  Our hearts ache at what’s in store for her.  

The adults in her life are amazing.  It seems she’s as prepared as she can be.  I humbly ask for your prayers for her and our family as we set out to care for her broken and grieving heart the best we can.    

We will hang here for the next two days.  A farewell party is planned for her tomorrow night.  There will be many tears.  

We had the absolute joy of going to church last night and it was incredible!  I have the best video to post.  I will do a post soon with photos and videos -- perhaps when we return to Manilla and have a faster signal and more down time.

We love you all!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for carrying us with your prayers.

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