Thursday, March 31, 2011

finally, a decision...

I don't know if I'll ever be one of those bloggers who posts a couple times a week let alone every day, so sorry if you're looking for frequent updates. I just can't seem to get on here more than once a week. I dunno...perhaps when things are trucking along more and there's more to update you on, I'll be a little more 'on it.' Nonetheless...

The good news is that we've finally made a decision surrounding where we think God would like to take our adoption journey. We're headed to China! Specifically to adopt through the China Special Needs or China Special Focus program. Wow. Kinda crazy, but very exciting. Of course, this process is feeling a little blind to me, so who knows what course God will take us on truly. I will rule out nothing now that I know things can change on a dime. And the more stories I hear, the more I'm learning that this is adoption. Shift, twist, turn, change. Up, down and everywhere. We care less about the direction (specifically the country) we go in and more about staying in step with God and where the Holy Spirit is leading us. For me, easier said than done sometimes.

Little did we know that switching countries would be so involved. We're having to apply within our agency to the China Program. More paperwork. We're having to contact families who've adopted from China Special Needs to speak to them about their experience. We're having to do background checks in all the states that we've lived in since we were 18. Just different requirements by different countries (China vs. Ethiopia). However, we're very excited to be moving forward again after a two-month stalemate. Although, I've had much peace about being at a standstill. It was kind of refreshing to sit, gather, ponder, consider and re-evaluate.

We have a busy weekend ahead, but we're hoping to get some of this new paperwork filled out and submitted next week. Then we'll be officially working on our dossier and moving toward actually 'meeting' the little boy or girl who will join our family. By 'meeting' I mean just knowing who s/he is.

It also looks like because we're open to adopting a deaf child that s/he could be pretty young. As young as two when we would actually get him/her, but perhaps older. Yes, in some ways it seems crazy to go back to having little, little children again, but it also seems pretty easy imagining having just one little child versus two. One high-chair, one carseat, one sippy cup, one in diapers, one, one, one. Funny how God prepares us for what's ahead in life -- even when we're blind to what's ahead. Not to mention we truly have two serious little mamas on our hands now. When our boys were born, Payton and Avery were only four and two. There was no way they could help out with their little brothers -- they were just toddlers themselves! Now, they'd be a huge help. And you should see their faces when they imagine having a 'baby' brother or sister. In fact, at Avery's gymnastics gym there are two friends who have little toddlers -- a 2-year-old and a 14-month-old -- and Payton is awesome with them. She follows them around the gym keeping an eye on them as they toddle around. She reads to them; plays with them. They're drawn to her and frankly she's drawn to them. It's neat to imagine our kids loving all over a younger sibling. Pretty sweet.

God moved mountains for a family I heard about who was tragically short funds to travel to get the daughter they are adopting. They were leaving in two days and were short, get this, $8000. Some bloggers put out a plea and God's people sowed seeds and they raised all the money in 48 hours -- this is after months and months of fundraising and trying to figure out how to get the money together. They were convinced they weren't going to be able to travel to get their daughter. Well, I'm happy to report that they left on Saturday and are there. If you want to read about it and see a true example of how God moves in His people, click here. Very, very awesome to me. You might want to start with the March 25th post. Beyond incredible that they're in-country because God's people responded. Pure and simple.

Oh! There was one more really cool thing that happened this week that I should mention! Our church had an adoption interest meeting and the response was great. It's great to hear of people who are being called to respond to the orphan crisis whether it be through adopting themselves or through advocacy and support. We can't wait to see what God does with this group.

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  1. Heather- I'm Diana's excited for your new direction. If you're in need of a China special needs family to talk with, I've got a perfect one for you-

    Denise and I are sorority sisters and their story is God-led and truly wonderful.




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