Saturday, March 5, 2011

just 30 days!

Various conversations around why we didn't get funding from Abba Fund have led me to want to answer a couple of questions.

1. We knew instantly we didn't want to perseverate too much on the whys in regard to our not being funded by Abba. Rejection's the perfect place for Satan to take hold and we've been down that road, thank you very much. So we will not allow any opportunities for him to begin to stir doubt and confusion in our minds again. Having said that, we learned very quickly from talking to others who have adopted and who've sought funding that this is pretty common. The very woman with Abba Fund who notified us that they weren't going to be able to help us said that she and her husband were turned down multiple times when they were seeking help with their adoptions. Yet God clearly provided and they have two adoptive children. :)

2. There's the possibility that these funding sources are low on funds. Go figure with the economy being what it is. It stinks though to think that there are children out there without families whose adoptions will be delayed (or perhaps never happen!) simply because of lack of funds! What a ridiculous reason! Which leads to the question of why adoption is so darn expensive. JD and I have gone around and around about this and don't have a great answer except to say that much occurs between agencies and countries and frankly, this is a money making business. Poor countries (like Ethiopia) do make revenue on adoptions. Sad, but true. This is where corruption can occur. However, this is a separate issue to us than the fact that orphans need homes and families! And that, to us, is primary. In fact, we think the cost is a non-issue. We'll figure it out. We'll overcome it for the sake of changing a child's life -- and frankly changing ours. We think we're blessing them, but they will bless us! We just know it.

3. Another possibility is that other applicants for funding with Abba Fund could be seeking adoption because they cannot have biological children. Assuming these are great people, we, hands down, want the funding to go to them over us every time. It's a no brainer really.

Okay, I think I've covered all the angles on that. Now, moving on to this t-shirt fundraiser! And, by the way, God's so good! People are coming forward with more ideas for fundraising for us -- other companies and products, so there may be more to come! I just love this. Perhaps this will be a grass roots, piecemeal effort! It's takes a village, right? :)

Before I give you the ins and outs, I must say please, please pass on this blog address or post or send an email to anyone you think might be interested. And thank you so very much for any and all support -- even if you just click forward. :)

Welcome to Wild Olive Tees! THE SALE STARTS TODAY AND ONLY LASTS 30 DAYS! This ends on April 2, 2011! So check it out!

You can click on the button on the right. That will take you to the website. Once you choose the shirt(s) you want, don't forget to enter our code. You must enter the code or they won't know which family to direct the funds to. The Beam Team won't get the proceeds!

The code is: BEAM0305

If 1-49 shirts are sold, we get $7.50 per shirt.
If 50+ shirts are sold, we get $10 per shirt.

Not bad.

When the 30 days are up, they'll compile the number of shirts sold, calculate the total proceeds and send them directly to our adoption agency. They won't even touch our hands.

Ready, set, go! :)


Okay, sadly -- I don't know how to do half the stuff I should know how to do (yet) with this blogging thing, so I can't figure out how to add a button on the right. I have an email into Wild Olive to have them help me, but for the time being, just go here if you want to purchase a shirt. But don't forget about the code! (BEAM0305) Thanks!

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