Monday, May 7, 2012


How is it possible that our sweet Avery Rose is eight?

My goodness gracious.

She opted to follow in her sister's footsteps and have a sleepover at her Gramma and Papa's house.  These grandparents are crazy brave.   True troopers.

Did I mention that they love that our kids want to have their birthday parties at their house?

A quick shot before we headed 45 minutes away for the night...with five little girls in tow.  Oh, and James -- again surrounded by a gaggle of girls.  And Payton, Jackson and Brooks, of course.

The rainbow headbands came in their goodie bags.  They were a hit!  And the rule was that everyone had to wear them at the same time.  Little girls!  

A ride-along with a van full of girls is quite a treat!

A quick dip in the lake and then the rain came.  Jammies for all!  

Good thing the couch is big.

Hunkered down with a movie -- Barbie and the Diamond Castle?  

The sillies were a little hard to tame at 10:30 that night, but alas we found success and they all slept through the night.  Hallelujah!

Gotta love it!

Hot dogs, grilled cheese, turkey burgers, fruit salad, chips and lemonade!  With Oreo ice cream cake and Oreo balls for dessert!

Avery's sweet cousin made these pretty tissue flowers! 

And then James decided to show off for the camera.  He's such a ham.

I could kiss his face off.  

Actually, I sometimes do.


We're off to his PT evaluation tomorrow morning and then his first OT appointment follows immediately after.  

Pray that they accommodate him with utensils asap.  He just wants to feed himself, for goodness sakes.      

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