Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Remember I mentioned James' moves?

Well he started 'break dancing' like his brothers last week. It was so adorable. Although I didn't catch it in this video, he actually did a couple of somersaults after Avery showed him how.


He was also dolled up by his sibs.

Avery says she's wearing that wig for Halloween this year. Good. One less item to buy.

This is what the American Idol finale does to some kids, apparently.

Were your kids as amped as ours?


And this was during a commercial.

Tangent: James is always doing something that tickles us. Something totally unexpected. Usually it's at least once a day.

For example, yesterday I was showing him Christmas cards of our family that are on my mom's refrigerator. There was one from a couple of years ago and we were all sitting on our front stoop. There were individual photos of the kids and he quickly pointed to each of them and said their names. Then he pointed to the photo of all of us (minus him, of course) in front of our house and said, 'home.' I just wanted to burst!

Is that not precious?

This little video is a reenactment of something he did one day a week or so ago. The girls came running for my phone to get him doing it on video.

JD was getting ready to get him in the bath. Clearly, he's had many, many baths, but this time, he marched his little self to where the bath toys are and proceeded to lug them back into the bathroom all by himself.

Love his determination!

We had a glorious Memorial Day weekend. On Friday, we surprised the kids with a trip to Busch Gardens to kick off the summer! It's such a treat when they realize Daddy's not going to work. Man, I should've gotten that reaction on video!

On Saturday, we headed to the lake and spent the rest of the weekend with family and friends. We had such a nice time that we didn't want to come home yesterday as planned and ended up driving home early this morning so JD (sob) could head back to work.

It's always a sad day when Daddy has to go back to work.

And the fun has to come to an end.

But we're grateful for the time.

And for every fish, lizard, toad and turtle that was caught! It was a critter-filled time. :)

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