Saturday, June 23, 2012

prayer please!

UPDATE: the latest I've heard is that Sol and Christine Moghadams have been released and reunited with their boys but are awaiting the adoption of the children they went to Ghana for.

Man, the adoption community is h.u.g.e. and yet so very small.  I heard about the Moghadams on Saturday from people in other states.  Then I was at a picnic/cookout later that day with a bunch of other adoptive/foster families and people there had heard of their plight.  Of course, none of us know the Moghadams personally, but to have our hearts break in unison for them is amazing because we all know it could be any one of us.  Community is a powerful thing.

Thank You, God, for your family and for adopting me into it.  


It's crazy to me how ignorant we are (including yours truly) about modern day slavery and injustice in the world, and then I hear about this.  Oh my heart.

Please pray for this innocent family, the Moghadams.  These precious parents have been falsely imprisoned in Ghana while traveling there to adopt four siblings and their sweet boys (pictured below) have been placed in an orphanage!

Lord, have mercy.

I can only imagine.


For the full story, go here and here

And here is their personal blog.  

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