Saturday, October 13, 2012

let's rally!

I am so not the advocate for the orphan that I'd like to be.

I worry about bothering people.

I think I just don't have to time.  The time to do what?  Send a quick email?  Write a quick post?  Post something to Facebook?  Gimme a break, people do it all day long about their kids' athletics or their social calendar.  I email all day long about various things.

I probably care about other's approval far too much.

But I hear stories all the time of orphans being left behind.  Losing hope.

Watch this.

It's so tragic.

And it happens everyday, day after day after day.  For millions of them.

This is a post of a friend who is using her voice for the voiceless in such a powerful way.  When I look at these little faces I feel so sad that my initial reaction is to think that I don't have time to pass it along; that it wouldn't be through a post that I would make that God would help these kids find their families.  So small-sighted of me.  So pathetic.  So here goes.

Just pure obedience here.

(And this post has probably taken me ten minutes of my time.  10 MINUTES!).


I am feeling so absolutely heartsick today!

Two precious and amazing children whom I met in Hasya's orphanage have run out of time to find their families...again!

This is Penny.

Beautiful, sweet and tender Penny.

And this is the SECOND TIME Penny has not been chosen!

She ran out of time to find a family while I was there visiting my Hasya.  I specifically asked for permission to see her and get updated pictures of her because I believed with all my heart that someone would step forward and finally say yes to this beautiful girl!

But no one has!

Her file has once again been returned to the government in her country with the unspoken message that says, "No one wants this child!"

Seriously!  How can it be?  How can she be fortunate enough to be given a second chance at being FOUND...and be rejected again?

The whole thing just makes me weep!

This tiny little lovie has spent eleven years in the confines of a crib!  She was given HOPE the day someone listed her for international adoption.

I cannot help but feel that we, the Church, have failed her!

Like have failed her. 

And then there's Theodore.

This boy is so charming and so delightful that I could have run out of there with him in my arms.  He is beyond precious!

He is absolutely gorgeous!

A very little, desperately malnourished ten-year-old boy, with so much potential to grow and learn and become ALL whom God has created him to be.

A little boy who, by the grace of God, can still find a reason to laugh and smile...despite the miserable life he has endured for too many years.

He is so in there!  He has CP which only affects his lower body. With the help of physical therapy I believe that hewill learn to walk.  An awful institutionalized life has robbed this boy of his full potential.

And sadly, we said, "No thanks."

"Not this one!"

Once the files of these two precious children are returned, they lose their voice!  They are removed from all advocacy websites and will be nothing more than a name on a list in a government office in their country.

Unless we rally like crazy for them NOW--trusting and believing that they WILL be found--they have very little chance of ever knowing the love of a family!

Would you please, please share wherever you possible can?

I am aching for them!

I KNOW where they are!

I have seen with my own eyes how painfully thin they are and how desperately they need nurturing, nutrition, and medical attention.

I KNOW the conditions they live in--it is beyond awful!

Please don't let them stay there!  I have to believe that Penny and Theodore WILL be rescued.

Because knowing their life should they NOT be chosen is just too much for my heart to comprehend.

Anyone wanting more information about adopting either one of these children can contact Shelley at
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