Tuesday, May 7, 2013

a little tangent.

In the midst of my 'State of the Family' addresses, I'm going out on a tangent and wanted to mention a book I'm reading and a study I'm participating in on-line.

Never done this before.

Nor have I posted about it on-line or on this blog.

But I thought what the heck!?

So the book's called The Reason for God by Tim Keller.

I'm super intrigued.  Sometimes I need to rock this complacent, wandering, stuck soul of mine.

The blogger whom I follow is going to have some discussions on her blog if you want to check them out.

Ni Hao Yall

No promises on whether I'll post frequently or not on what God's bubbling to the surface through this book.  Lord knows I've been slacking on posting of late.  But if I should be so compelled, I thought you might like to know what the heck I'm talking about.

Here goes!  Join in, if you'd like!  Sounds very, very compelling.

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