Wednesday, May 22, 2013

the state of the family: part 4 {jackson}

Jackson's just one of those kids.

You know the kind.

Parents can't really take credit for their tender heart and self-less ways.  

He just tends to be sensitive and kind to everyone.  

Okay, so maybe he and Brooks butt heads sometimes, but that's to be expected, right?  They're twin brothers for goodness sake.  And, let's be honest, as wonderful as Brooks is (more on that later), let's just say, he can push some buttons.  

Including mine.  :)  We'll save Brooks for the next post...

Jackson's just great to have around.  

Like all the time.

He has this sweet, sheepish smile and little giggle he does when you look at him adoringly.

Good gracious he reminds me of my brother here.

He's really taken to reading.  It's so sweet to hear him sound out words and listen to the words forming sentences and then watching page after page turn until he slams the book down like, 'Conquered another one, Mom!'  There are few milestones I love more than when my children learn to read.  What a gift.

He's forever helpful.

Always there with an extra hand.

He really reminds me of his daddy in this way.

And he loves him some James.  Mm-mm-mm.  

It's super sweet to watch his big-brotherly-ways with James.  He's a great big brother.

Just look at that sweet face on James when Jackson's got his arm around his shoulder.  Priceless.

Not sure what the plan is yet for him and Brooks for school next year.  We know homeschooling's in the future for them, but when?  Not sure.  We're going to check out the new elementary school and see what we think.  

But, I'll tell you one thing, it would be a joy to have that kid with me everyday.  

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