Thursday, July 25, 2013

the new house

We're loving the new house.

And loving the neighborhood.

It's full of kids and dogs.  Lucy has a good ole time every morning when I take her for a couple laps around the loop.

Especially yesterday morning when a deer rain right in front of us across our street!

I painted...and painted...and painted this place.

We tore out carpet.

Steamed off wallpaper and added some wallpapered accent walls in the girls' rooms.

It's been fun.

But now it's time to hunker down and just live for a while.  Plus, I've gotta put the projects on hold for a bit because school's just around the corner and I have much to do to get ready for the year ahead.

So many of you have asked for photos, so here are some shots.  

And some before and afters.  It's a good thing I like to decorate.  :)

Our first moments in the new house on the day we closed.  Dining room window (red walls!).

Whata bunch!  Payton and Avery pose so pretty.  The boys...well...they're a mess!

Front room (before)
That wallpaper took me three days to take down.  Not kidding.


Front room (before)


Jackson and Brooks' room (before)

After (huge room!).  James will join them when he stops napping.

Go Vols!

Avery's Room (after).  I don't have a before -- the walls were just white.  Looks like she's been living here for years, eh?  It doesn't take long for a little girl to 'accessorize' her room!  :)

Avery's sweet little lounge area.

Payton's Room: before



James and Jackson golfing out front.  Look at that cutie.

This is how Avery feels about pulling weeds.

This yard required us to 'graduate' to a riding lawn mower.  That thing's like a go cart!  Fun!

I've never weeded so much in my life!

The door was black.  I have something with front doors being colorful.

This is one of my most favorite spots.  I love this porch.

This makes me think of the country song 'Outside Looking In' by Lonestar.  
Listen to it if you never have.  Great song.

Our driveway has probably gotten more traffic in the last two months than it did in the last two years.

We didn't have a driveway before, so there was no drawing with sidewalk chalk, riding bikes or playing basketball.  

While Jackson wrote his name in huge letters across the driveway, he asked if a helicopter pilot flying over could read it.  Love him.

Our summer's more than half way gone.  Yet in some ways it feels like we're just getting started.  The kids and I leave in the morning for a two week trip to Michigan and Minnesota.  My mom's coming with us and we're picking up my grandmother along the way (then JD will meet us there).  

We're driving.  Pray for me.  :)

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