Sunday, July 14, 2013

moving, summertime and blogging

Sorry, y'all.

Moving, summertime and blogging just don't seem to mix for me.  At least not this summer!

But, I have missed this little Beam Team blog...I've missed keeping things up-to-date.

Some of you have been so sweet to say that you miss our updates.  Aren't you so kind to even be checking this thing when there's absolutely nothing at all happenin' on here!  Sorry.

I have photos to share, stories to tell and updates to report.

Just not right this minute...

Forgive me!

It's late and my bed calls.

But tomorrow?

I have nothing on the calendar.  Ahhh...

As far as I'm concerned, I'm not leaving this wonderful place called home, so, although my time has been heavily occupied with one project after the other (more on that tomorrow), I'm in a good place and should have plenty of time to pump out a post or two.

After I fold three or four loads of laundry...

It never ends, y'all!

Never!  :)

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