Wednesday, October 16, 2013

mackinac island

I realized I left out documenting our trip to Mackinac Island in Michigan!  This was a highlight of our summer vacation because JD and I talked about going there since we were in college.  And then the kids and I had the opportunity to go a couple of years ago, but no JD.  :(  So this time, we decided we had to make it happen.  

Getting ready to hop on the ferry to head over the island.

Sunny smiles.

The Mackinac Bridge.  We had just driven across it before we got on the ferry.  That puppy's five miles long.  It's a tad creepy, I will admit.  My grandmother told me that the week before we came, a tractor trailer had blown over on it's side on the bridge due to high winds.  Sometimes they have to close the bridge due to high winds.  Talk about sweaty palms on the steering wheel.

In the winter, it gets so cold up there that the lake freezes.  Yes, I know.  Unbelievable for us Southerners.  It freezes so well that folks go across the lake on snow mobiles!  5 miles!  Can you believe it!?  My uncle's done it.  No, thank you!  

In fact, residents of Mackinac Island (because you can only access the island by boat) go over to the mainland by snow mobile or plane in the winter.  There have been incidences of folks getting lost on the frozen lake because it's so vast and, if it's snowing, visibility is low.  You can figure out the outcome of many of those poor lost souls.  Now, they drill holes in the ice and line a path of Christmas trees so people don't lose their way.  

When we see something Jack Daniel's (all the way from Tennessee) we gotta get a picture of it in honor of Pappy.  (I'm referring to the barrel, of course).

This is one of the most beautiful sites on the horse-drawn carriage tour.  Truly breathtaking.

The clouds were starting to roll in, but it was still a beautiful view.

The rocking of the carriage coupled with the warmth of his daddy's lap, put this little man out.

In this picture, it looks like the carriage's going 100 mph.  Ha!  It wasn't.  :)

Coming down the hill back to 'downtown.'  Not allowing motor vehicles on the Island sure does make it peaceful.  Just horses and bikes.  That's all you see.

Then the rain came and it got cold.  We bought the kids sweatshirts and headed into a restaurant for dinner.  We ordered soup, hot chocolate and coffee!  And apparently everyone's ready for a nap.  :)

So glad we made the extra effort to go to the Island.  We love it!  

And I'm glad I finally have it documented here.  Now, back to fall!

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