Monday, October 14, 2013

seven years

On Thursday, we celebrated seven years.

Seven years with our Brooks and Jackson.

Sometimes I just can't believe it.

It feels like yesterday, they were like this:

And now, they're this:

Their 7 year check-up

I decided to invite the neighborhood kids over on the afternoon of their birthday for cupcakes and a silly string battle.  I bought 20 cans of silly string and made these cupcakes.  This birthday's 'theme' was all about the University of Tennessee Vols.  Their birthday gift is to go to their first game on November 9th.  JD and I are taking them.  We are probably more excited than they are!

Easy breezy.  These days, it's all about simple.  No more fussing over decorating a cake myself for hours.  The things I did to myself as a new mom.  I loved every minute of it, but there's no time to fuss like that now.

Here they are ready to open their gifts: one from Payton and Avery and two from us, but we got them more practical tennis shoes for Brooks and new rambler boots for Jackson.

Payton and Avery used their own hard-earned money (each chipping in $20) to buy them a Lego set.  Brooks and Jackson were so excited they had to study the box.  Our kids love Legos.  And we love it.  It's good, wholesome fun.  

A little while later, the kids and moms arrived. 

Brooks was rather embarrassed as we sang.

We've had rain for a week straight, but we got just enough of a break to do the silly string...

Then they put together an impromptu game of tug-o-war.  So funny!  The boy on the left is ten...somehow it ended up little kids against big kid.  He learned fast to just let go of the rope and they all fell to the ground.

Here's a quick video of it:

We're counting the days until we head to Knoxville...just us and our 'big' boys.  A first.  

When they were really little, we just couldn't manage taking our them along while we did various things so we often made arrangements for them and just took our girls.  Frankly, it was just too much to throw two little boys in the mix when we were doing things such as taking the girls to a play or taking Payton or Avery and her friends out to the Japanese steak house for her birthday.  But now?  They're just not little anymore.  In some ways, it makes me sad, but in other ways it's pretty darn awesome.  Albeit, they're often hitting, tickling or wrestling each other -- they cannot seem to keep their hands to themselves these days -- but they're still fun.  

In fact, we made the decision to homeschool them this year with Payton and Avery.  Homeschooling them felt more right than sending them to school did (if that makes sense).  And it's gone well so far.  I had definitely 'hit my stride' with the girls so there's a bit of a transition happening -- mostly in regard to keeping them in their seats and on task...

'No you can't have a snack...'

'No, you can't take a break, you've only been working for 10 minutes...!'

'Will you please sit back down in your seat and finish that sentence you've been working on for 10 minutes!?'

That's definitely new, but it's so nice when they sound out a word, after several attempts, and I cheer for them and I get to see the expression of success wave across their face or we head off on a field trip and I get to experience their wonder and excitement.  Those are the moments that make the other moments worth it.  Not to mention that having everyone at home is really nice.  

Brooks and Jackson also started playing sports this fall.  We held out for a couple of years, but it was time.

This is after his first practice.  He was one sweaty dude.  But he loves it!  Yay!  I got one soccer lover out of the bunch!  :)

Brooks' first baseball game.  It's machine pitch -- and he never played t-ball.  We were nervous, but he's doing well!  And really likes it, so that's what's important.

The coach is asking him where the plays at and Brooks is pointing to home base.  

Then he makes his very first run home.  

Life's definitely full.  We had fullness and busyness before, but it was a different kind of busy -- it was feeding mouths, changing diapers and giving baths.  Now, we're all over town, all the time -- just like everyone else.

But I know this is a season and before I know it, they'll have hairy legs and toes and deep voices and they won't need me to drive them a darn place.  

And I'll be sad.  

So, I'll try to embrace this and enjoy it as much as I possibly can.

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