Sunday, January 5, 2014

christmas, family, friends, & eggs?

This Christmas was one of our best yet.

Only God.

We had so much more 'on our plate' than ever before with Christine being here and having a house full, but it was wonderful.

It was full.



One I won't soon forget.

On Christmas Eve, Tommy and Wilma (JD's parents) arrived, Beverly and Bootsie came by for a visit and, later that evening, JD's childhood buddy, Theron, and his wife, Jeanette arrived.  We were so tickled that they would want to come spend Christmas with us.  

Shootin' the breeze.

Then it was on to our Christmas Eve tradition of the kids following their strings to their ends to discover their Christmas jammies (did you see this hilarious video?).

It was fun having Christine there to participate in all our family's traditions.

Then Payton had to perform at an 11:00 service for the Virginia Girls Choir.  Eek.  Thankfully, JD and his mama took her while I did the Santa thing at home, but they didn't get home until almost 1 am.  

And before we turned in for the night, Theron got Lucy all wound up to the point of her boot-scooting all over the family room, including on and off the couch.  Such a goofball.  

On to Christmas morning!...

Payton opens a gift from her aunt, uncle and cousin.

James gets a little help with a ribbon from Avery.

The kids drew names and Brooks had to have Christine open her gift from him first.  It was, a-hem, a fart machine...she's quite the prankster and was so excited to get it.  I had to run into Spencers to get it and I couldn't even say the 'f' word.  I'm such a wimp.  I said, 'flatulence machine' and the guy didn't know what I was talking about!   

Avery opens her gift from Christine.  Cute pants and...  

...this shirt.

Then it was P's turn.  Jackson got her the Star Wars shirt she wanted at Delia's, her new fave store.

A sweet little hug.

Then Brooks got the big, magnifying glass he wanted from James so he can go around 
outside and inspect things.

Payton gave James a light-up pillow pet.  His pillow pets until now were all hand-me-downs from his sibs.  In just a matter of a couple of years, they now light up.  Alrighty then.  :)

Avery got Jackson his own throw to curl up under on the couch because he is constantly under one.  And, let's be honest, begs to have one if anyone else is using them -- which is often the case.

James got a LeapPad2 from Mimi and Pappy and we have to beat him off of it with a stick!  :)

Later in the afternoon, my mom and stepdad hit the scene and we had Christmas with them.  

Christine was excited to get the first book of a series she wanted to read (Teardrops).  The girl is a reader.  Like, three days ago, I got her the next three books in the series at the library and she's already read them!  Anyone have the Twilight series they'd like to donate?  She's dying to read it and would like to take it home to her friends.    

A play phone for James to push the buttons on!  :)

Girlfriend loves her Legos!

And Payton got a guitar.  So great!  Now to just get her to play it.

That little ole James told big ole Theron to scoot over so he could sit next to him.  So stinkin' cute!

Oh, and did I mention that our chickens have begun laying?  Our girls decided to get in on the gift giving this Christmas!  Fresh eggs are awesome.  We think three are laying with three more yet to start.  It's super fun to go out there and find the eggs that they like to lay here and there and everywhere!

This is our first one.

What a great Christmas!  Thankful to end 2013 feeling so blessed.     

We're ready to tackle 2014 with gusto!

Happy New Year!

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