Tuesday, December 24, 2013

merry christmas!

Couldn't get the cards in the mail this year.  A first, but I'm oddly okay with it -- which is interesting because I used to love to do them.  A new season, I suppose.

I did still make unending amounts of Chex Mix -- that mostly went into our mouths and into very few hands as compared to past years.  I got a late start, but rallied at the end!

The fudge for Santa is made.

The Oreo balls are in the freezer.

A nice Christmas meal is planned for tomorrow to share with our dear family and friends who have come to spend it with us.  We are thankful for times of feasting when so many are without.

We couldn't be more grateful for good health as we are acutely aware of and praying for our dear ones who are unwell and fighting the good fight.

We are thankful for family as we are acutely aware of those millions of lonely hearts across this globe.  Including the one who is currently resting her head in our home each night.

We are thankful for fellowship as we are acutely aware of how it fills our hearts with joy, laughter and cheer.

So, here's to you and yours this Christmas!  May 2014 be blessed!

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