Thursday, February 20, 2014

shackled to technology

We hear all the time how dependent we are on technology, but until our 'technology' (I feel like it should work flawlessly at all times if it's so technological) throws me a curve, I think I could easily go without it.

Not so much.

Our computer's been acting up for many weeks.  By acting up I mean not connecting to the internet, not sending emails, not saving things, etc.  We'd determined that it wasn't our network because all other devices work great.

So I threw up my hands and cast it aside in frustration depending solely on my phone and iPad.  The end of the world, I know.

Then about two weeks ago, we started hearing this hum coming from the back of our TV.  Sounded like the fan.  Once or twice the TV even flicked off unexpectedly.  We thought it odd and turned it back on.

I finally decide enough us enough and make an appointment at the Apple store for our trusty (albeit four years old) computer. Three hours later, I leave with a diagnosis of nothing wrong with the hardware, must be a software issue.


Where's the easy fix I was hoping for?

Return it it factory settings, I request.  They tell me it will work like new.  I no longer care what may be lost...I can't go on this way!  Oh, JD did back most of it up on an external hard drive but still.  I saunter home excited for a computer that, as the man at Apple said, will work like it just came out of the box.


Still can't get on Google, hence no blogging for me with access to photos -- or the lovely post I did that never saved on that darn device so it's one paragraph in length when it was ten paragraphs and rich with updates and photos of all things Beam.

Oh, and did I mention that our TV quit for good last night?  Won't even turn on.  It's only a year and a half old.  The only other TV in our house is a 1992 16" that's a box (gasp -- it's not even a flat screen!).

Guess we'll try to watch the U.S. Men's hockey finals tonight on old technology that actually lasts more than a year or two.

What is wrong with how things are made these days?!  We have much more important things to spend money on than TVs and computers!

Did I mention that our refrigerator that we got in June has had five repairs to it already?  The Sears guy told me when he was here last week that four parts replaced equals a lemon and we can request a new machine.


That's what I want to do is just keep passing this junk off to get new pieces of junk.

Okay, I'm done.  :)

There's my post on why no posts and stating that I don't know when there will be another one.

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