Wednesday, April 2, 2014

good news!

Omigoodness, I've been waiting almost three months to write this post!  Perhaps compared to this announcement, nothing else seemed worthy of reporting?

We are adopting Christine!  

And she now knows!

We weren't able to say anything publicly until she was notified and we found out last week that she was notified by her orphanage director because the Philippines gave them the official word.

You are being adopted.

The Beams are adopting you.

You've been chosen.

You're not alone.

You're loved.   

Her reaction?




Can you believe that?  

Sweet girl.  

We had to say good-bye to her without being allowed to have a single conversation with her about whether she would even like us to adopt her.  We certainly didn't enter into hosting her with the plans of adopting her, but she quickly gelled with everyone in our family and we started having secret conversations about whether or not we should consider adopting her.  We suddenly went from closed hearts to open hearts and we were asking God why.

Immediately upon her departure (like that night!), we sat the kids down to talk to them about the hosting experience.  We wanted to see if we all felt a void now that Christine was gone or if it was back to 'business as usual.'  It was not.  We were sad.  :(

That was a powerful sign.    

Why did God have us all on the same page?  How did Payton's hesitancies of having an older sibling suddenly disappear?  How did my dread of adopting again dissolve at the idea of adopting a sweet teenage girl versus a toddler (uh, very easily!  ha!).  It felt like a crazy turn of events, but it also felt very right.  

So, in January, we began a new home study.  And I'm happy to say that it should be done any day.  Just waiting for a few last pieces and -- boom! -- approved!

We've already started working on our dossier so that's good.  We're hoping to travel sooner rather than later.

Thank you so, so much for your prayers and support.  

Sometimes I can't believe we're adopting again!


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