Monday, April 7, 2014

silly moments

Just some fun shots (for the record!) over the last several weeks.

There are moments when I could not love these boys more.  They are just remarkable little dudes.  And they are having the time of their lives running around like wild banshees with their posse in the 'hood.  This neighborhood is like something from a time gone by.  The children can literally be on the next street, down at the creek, or in the woods playing and they are totally fine.  And I don't say that lightly.  All of us parents in the neighborhood revel in the sweetness of our children truly running free as children should be able to.  

Hence, our return to nightly baths.  They have been coming home so, so very nasty.  Oh my.  

Recently, for the adoption of a certain young lady, all of us had to have TB tests.  Oh my goodness.  This was not a requirement for James' adoption -- nor were, a-hem, psych evals for JD and me!  Yowzers.  That's going to be fun.

Here's Jackson taking one for the team.  What a trooper.  :)

Then, out to lunch.  These are the sweet spots of homeschooling -- the ability to be flexible and spontaneous.

And serious.

And silly!

Some friends of ours from church moved into our neighborhood recently (so fun!) so we had them over for dinner and then invited a bunch of neighbors to come by for dessert, a beer, a glass of wine or a cup of coffee.  The kids enjoyed it as much as the adults did!

A few of the littler ones.

The bigger ones always end up outside.

Last week, I had to register Payton and Avery for their classes at Westminster Academy for next year.  Think college class registration before computers (if you're old like me and experienced that!).  Although, thankfully, at Westminster there's only a couple hundred students as compared to 10,000+ like there was at UT (Knoxville).  

Anyway, when there, I asked the Director what she thought I should do about Christine in that we don't know when she'll be coming home or what grade she'll be in.  Her suggestion was to go ahead and register her for some classes so her space will be reserved.  

Look at what I had to write for the first time!  Christine Beam.  Omigosh!  

Spring officially sprung last week.  It was awesome.  The boys in our neighborhood decided it was time to shed their shirts and make perfectly clear just how warm it really was.    

That's a lot of bare chests.

Bring on the tulips!

We're wrapping up our school year and, with the weather being what it's been, we just had to go to the zoo.  It'd been so very long since we last went.  

We had such a ball!  

There are times when I just yearn to run off with my kids somewhere.  

Look at these beautiful creatures.  Giraffes are truly something special.  Gorgeous.

But their tongues...let's just say they're not so gorgeous.

Look at the cheeks on that cutie (I'm talking about James!)

Look at that tongue!  Eeek!

Hello, eyelashes.

Feeding the birds.  James is having the time of his life.  Ha!

That evening, we dropped P off at choir and decided to stroll to a nearby restaurant to eat dinner.  We then sat outside and enjoyed Sweet Frog.  A lovely evening.  

The slip flops have sprung!

James climbed that tree by himself.  He's holding on for dear life, isn't he?!  Sweet boy will let nothing stop him!  Nothing.  

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