Saturday, May 28, 2011

it's time...

We can't believe we're at the point where we're realistically looking at having to pay our balance of our adoption expenses in the next month or two! That feels very official! This is really happening. It's all so exciting!

However, with this great milestone comes the reality of having to make our need known for others to sow into our adoption of James. We have wondered over the months if it would be necessary to fundraise for part of our adoption expenses, and alas it is. We've done all we can do personally and can assure you that we've stretched ourselves as far as we can. We have been beyond humbled at how God is using James to prick the hearts of so many -- including us! James' young life -- abandoned on a city street in China when he was only four days old -- is being used to demonstrate God's abundant grace! Truly amazing.

If you're interested in contributing in the slightest, every little bit helps. And God will multiply even the smallest of donations. I assure you. We have seen it ourselves in other's adoption fundraisers and have been truly amazed at how God has used many small donations to provide for all the adoption expenses of these families. It's very powerful. I hope you'll be awestruck at how God will move in this situation.

If you'd like to give, all you have to do is click the orange 'Chip-In' button to the right. It's that simple.

Thank you for considering partnering with us to bring sweet baby James home! :) We are eternally grateful.

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