Tuesday, May 17, 2011

without further ado

I feel like I did when our children were born and we sent that first email out to everyone saying, 'She's here!' or 'They're here!'.

Well, our sweet boy's file was locked with us today, so I can finally introduce him to you!

Oh the joy!

Please meet our little James.

Approximately 3 months old?

Approximately 6 months old?
Approximately a year old?

We also have a video of him that is exceedingly and beyond precious. But I can't figure out how to get it on here. Hopefully one day.

A little back story on our sweet James. He was abandoned on a city street in China in August, 2009. It is estimated that he was about four days old. The authorities searched for his parents, but to no avail. He was examined at a hospital and then placed in an orphanage. The orphanage then gave him a Chinese name. However, American adoption agencies often assign English names to the children to simplify things. James was the name assigned to him by his original social worker. When we felt certain that he was the child for us (we'd just gotten word that his social worker was willing to release him to our agency -- huge obstacle overcome), we were then struck by his name. We hadn't quite considered it until then.


Well, guess what?

JD's grandfather is named James.

But it gets better.

My brother's name is James.

Say it ain't so...

It gets better.

My father's name was James.

Could it get any better?


Many of you may not know that my dear husband's real name (the 'J' of JD) is James.

We took it as a sure sign that this little guy's 'name', chosen by a social worker who loved this boy enough to set him free, was no accident. And the family he's going to be a part of, that has a long history of using the name James, is no accident either.

Come on home, sweet little James. Come on home!


  1. Look at that sweet baby's face!! He is just precious!!! So happy for your family!!!

  2. I am weeping, with praise for our Lord. He is great and mighty and moves moutains. He has brought you a missing peice of your hearts and He has brought this treasure a family that he deserves. Congrats! This is the joy and peace and love that the Lord gives us in return for opening our ears and hearts to Him, and then refusing Not to act on His call to us.

  3. Heather - as a fellow alum and adoptee from Korea, it warms my heart to see you do this. Hope to see you at the reunion!


  4. How beautiful and how great is our God!

  5. oh my gosh - look at him!! He's so so stinking cute and I'm SO thrilled for you! Congratulations Beam family - ALL OF YOU!

  6. Sitting here crying in my coffee first thing this morning! What a sweet little man, and such a sweet story... love you guys, and your heart for children and following where God leads. Congratulations! Can't wait to meet him!

  7. beautiful, beautiful! i cannot wait for james to come home~ prayers from our end! love, the bonners

  8. Heather- Diana told me he was the cutest thing!! He's just beautiful. Funny how God works in the smallest ways that mean huge things.

    James- how perfect.

    Much love to all of you.

  9. He is ADORABLE! I can't wait to meet him.



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