Monday, June 6, 2011

feelin' the love!

Tears have flowed this morning as we've learned of friends giving to help bring James home. The response is overwhelming. Humbling. Even heart-breaking.

Sometimes friends are like family. When you feel as loved as we've felt throughout this process you're just convicted that friends are sometimes as dear as flesh and blood. The encouragement we've received, the prayers that have been lifted on our behalf, the prior donations given before there even was a fundraiser, it all causes us to feel tremendously loved.

My question becomes: what do we do with this feeling of indebtedness? How do we come to peace with it?

Perhaps the answer is to love James with all our hearts just like we do Payton, Avery, Jackson and Brooks. Perhaps it's to give thanks everyday for this family God's handcrafting. Perhaps it's to give back. Perhaps it's to pay it forward. Perhaps it's to be willing to 'go' no matter what going looks like. Perhaps it's all of these things. But what I do know, is thank you just doesn't feel like enough. But thank you dear, sweet friends.

From JD and I both, thank you.

By the way, I did have a friend say (the second friend actually to say this) that the whole Paypal thing is kind of a pain and they're not terribly comfortable giving that way (through the Chip In). This is kind of awkward and I say this with complete humility, but if you would prefer to give by writing a check, that is fine too. Just email me at

Feelin' the love over here in Richmond!

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