Thursday, June 9, 2011

you won't believe this...

...the money just keeps coming in. More everyday. A check yesterday. A check today. An email offering to give and needing to know who to make the check out to. I mean, seriously.

AND, even crazier. Our contact with the Abba Fund (whom we applied for financial assistance from many months ago) sent us an email yesterday saying that there was going to be a meeting yesterday to review 'pending applications' and ours is one of them.


I didn't know ours was pending. How can it be pending when we were turned down?

Haven't heard back from her, but will. And, honestly, if we didn't, it's okay. I see God moving so beautifully and gracefully through this situation that I know every dime will be there when we need it. I know, know, know that James is going to be tucked sweetly into bed under this roof. I know he'll breathe the same air that his brothers breathe as they all slumber away in their room. Precious. I cannot wait.

And I have more news, but it'll have to wait until tomorrow. I'm tired. :)

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