Monday, August 8, 2011

quick update

Our immigration approval (I-800) was overnighted to our agency today so it will arrive tomorrow. That is the only thing our agency's been waiting for to issue us our official referral of James. This is huge, y'all. Accepting a referral is saying, 'Yes, we accept. We would like to be thhis child's parents.' But another perk about getting James' referral is that we will likely be able to get an update on him. Until this point, everyone's pretty tight lipped. Perhaps we can even get more recent photos and how big he is, what his likes/dislikes are, etc. Cross your fingers that there's an update to report or at least that they can get one when I request it. :)

We should have the referral by the end of the week.

And the I-800 is being sent to China immediately to join the rest of the dossier, so everything will be complete. At least on our end.

Now move, China, move. As fast as you can, please.


  1. Isn't this process fun? Great news about your last bit of paperwork for now!!!

  2. ZipideeDOODAH!! gogogo GOD!! and hold little James tight;)



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