Saturday, August 20, 2011

three hours?

Would it shock you if I told you that one of the forms that came with James' referral took me three hours to complete?


Sometimes I just can't believe all that's gone into this adoption. The hours, and hours, and hours of toiling under the sun (the book of Ecclesiastes has been my friend lately). But, I'll tell you something...

It's so, so, so worth it.

Absolutely worth every single hour invested. Every dollar paid. Every bit of the stretching. The stretching of who we are.

As weary as I've felt at times -- and as frustrated as I've felt when I've sat and sat just typing away on my computer filling out yet another government form -- I know it's eternal.

Can you believe that? Filling out forms, running around town, getting fingerprints taken, having a bajillion passport photos taken, making payment after payment after's all eternal. That is amazing to me. These physical tasks are for an eternal purpose. Bringing James into our family has eternal implications.


Hoping to send our signed and notarized referral back to Wide Horizons this week! Woot woot!

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