Thursday, August 25, 2011

a note of thanks

Our referral has arrived to our agency. With a substantial check enclosed. A check that, frankly, we couldn't have produced on our own. We didn't produce on our own.

I cannot tell you what it was like to have that money in the bank to have this check produced.

Yet again, 'thank you' seem insufficient.

But you know who you are that we're thanking.

We decided to create a spreadsheet of all the expenses that were paid starting back in November, 2010, so when we need it for tax purposes all the compilations have been done.


Turns out one of the final forms we had to complete for our referral packet asked us to fill in boxes of expenses paid and expenses yet to pay. It was nice to already have that compiled, but it made it quite extraordinary to see that a whole page of expenses have been paid.

Like a PAID IN FULL stamp.

When I think about James' adoption being PAID IN FULL it makes me think about how Jesus stamped PAID IN FULL on our lives.

We are so, so very grateful to each and everyone of you. To those who gave just what they could. To those who stretched themselves. And to those who weren't entirely sure about our decision to adopt, but allowed God to move them to see His beautiful plan for our family -- so much so that you chose to get behind us even financially -- where it sometimes stretches us the most.

Thank you.

The generosity, the changed hearts, the resulting tears at how mighty and amazing our God is, has been overwhelming at times. To see this process coming to an end and to know that we're going to fetch our little guy in just a matter of months, is a bit unbelievable.

We've gotten to know a family who adopted a little boy from China about two years ago. When the mom asked me where things were at with our adoption and I told her, she said as her face lit up with a smile, 'Omigosh. You're really far along! You'll be traveling soon.'


To hear someone whose been right down this road say that gave me goose bumps!

Thank you for all your love and support. It means the world to us!

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