Monday, January 2, 2012


My goodness.

Christmas was wonderful.  Maybe one day I can post a few photos.

New Year's was all snuggled in at dear friends'.  Perfect.

Now, things are back on the move and I'm jumpin!  I so want to ramble on about the details of the last couple of weeks, but I just don't have time right now.

Back to school we curricula additions to figure out, new, new, new.  And some old and familiar.  Thank God.  Still trying to figure out this homeschooling thing, though.  I think I always will be because, darn it, these kids of ours won't stop growing and changing.

I literally almost broke down sobbing today as all six of us enjoyed a lunch out together.  JD casually made the comment to Brooks and Jackson that one day they'll have to grow up and say good-bye to each other.  Brooks jumps right in (in his loud, I-must-talk-over-everyone-else voice) by saying,

"Yeh, Jackson will always be my best friend, but one day we won't live together any more and I'll have to call him and say, 'Can I come over to visit?' and then I'll go to his house to see him."  


This is more than this mother's heart can take.  The tears just quietly rolled down my cheeks as I ate my waffle fries.  JD almost burst out laughing at me!

I digress...

The reason I hopped on here real quick is to put the word out that we're slowly gathering information and getting our heads around all that will be involved in our traveling to get James.  After talking to various friends and relatives, it's been suggested to us that we try to make the option available for folks to donate frequent flyer miles to us.  What a gift!  But, clearly, for this to work, we need to get the word out to folks who might like to participate (and thank you in advance to anyone who wishes to help us out this way!).  We've already had some friends offer us their miles on various airlines, but we've also opened a Capital One Venture card so if anyone has rewards on Capital One cards that they're not going to use and would like to share them, they can be transferred/donated to us.  How incredible.  This is literally dollars saved for us.  We feel so fortunate to have everything to this point paid for (!), but have this one last hurdle to cross!

Please feel free to email me with questions or ideas at  We're hoping if miles with specific airlines are donated that one airline will dominate and we can utilize that airline.  God does this kind of thing, so that would be cool.

I'll be back soon to write more!  We got the most incredible videos and photos of James the other day!  Oh my...I am speechless!  The best video yet of him!  It's a long video and he is on the move!  I can't tell you how much I want to post it here, but we've been told we have to wait until we have him.  Well, you know when that day comes, you might get tired of all the photos and videos I'll have to post!  Soon enough!

More soon...

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