Thursday, January 19, 2012

the ripple

Something is becoming abundantly clear to us.  The only thing I know to call it is the ripple.  

James', sweet little life, is reaching people far and wide.  

Friends of friends of friends are moved by our boy.  And the story of his young life.  

Here are some examples that I know hunch is there are lots more I don't know about.
  • Many of you came together to assist us with our adoption expenses -- including a sweet woman in Australia who doesn't even know us.  Frankly, if it weren't for the financial help of friends and family, we wouldn't be able to adopt James.  Period.  
  • Furthermore, God moved so mightily in the hearts of very dear and precious family of ours, who were once not sure about our decision to adopt, that they came through for us enormously several months ago.  Let's just say that because of their generosity and love for us, when we weren't quite sure how we were going to pay our balance for our adoption fees, we were able to write a check and call it a day.
Let me insert something here...we never doubted for one second that God was going to provide the means for us to adopt James.  Not one single second.  But what's cool is watching Him do it in an over-the-top, holy cow, unexpected kind of way.  Awesome.
  • Some friends of ours have created a jar and every time their children pray for James or our family they get to put a penny in the jar.  Then the jar's contents will be a gift to us to help with James' medical bills or any other needs for him.
  • These same friends had an extra check show up to them right before Christmas.  They weren't expecting it, so they felt it wasn't theirs to keep and that God wanted them to give it to us to relieve adoption costs.  (I very likely may've said, 'Thank you, Lord!  Right before Christmas?  Awesome!  We needed that!' and promptly placed some orders for a couple of gifts we wanted to buy).  Mm-m-mm.
  • Another friend was involved in an event in her community in another state that led her to work closely with a photography gallery and the man who was running it.  During her time working with him, she told him about James.  He was so moved by James' story that at the end of the event, as a thank you gift for all her hard work, he gave her the gift of an original photograph.  Of what?  The silhouettes of two African men standing with a glorious sunset behind them.  But...each man was missing an arm. 
  • A former co-worker that I worked with over 10 years ago said her nine-year-old son was so moved by James and worried about how he'll get by in life that he picked out toys and balls for him that he can pick up easily with his one little hand.  
  • In November, two of my dearest friends threw James a shower because in their words, 'Every child needs to be celebrated.'  I was in awe of the outpouring of love that we experienced.  Amazing thought and care went into every detail.  There was a Chinese theme with Chinese food served, the color red trickled throughout, homemade fortune cookies that had prayers for James as the fortunes (how ridiculously creative is that?), there was even a collection taken as a donation for James' orphanage.  Just incredible.  
  • Payton's Girl Scout troop has been spreading the word about our need for frequent flyer miles and their relatives and friends have been offering them up.  Complete strangers.
  • One of Payton's troopmates came into a 'Pay It Forward' Visa giftcard.  Just guess who she was excited to pay it forward to?  Yep.
  • Friends have told us story after story of their children praying for James.  Tucking their children in at night or saying their prayers together as a family and the children ask to pray for James.
The children.  

There's an awesome verse repeated in the Bible where Jesus says to let the children come to Him and do not hinder them for the kingdom of God belongs to them (Luke 18:16).

Children have the most amazingly pure faith.  And children's hearts are really touched by other children, aren't they?  It's amazing to see.

What a blessing it is to have a community of love and support here and afar to wrap its arms around us!

Yet again, 'thank you' just doesn't seem sufficient.

Counting down the days...

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  1. Wonderful and beautiful and God is good and I miss you!



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