Wednesday, July 4, 2012

house guests, storms and power outages

Last week was a bit of a blur.

In a good way.

But it ended with us getting the heck out of dodge.

It started with the enormous and much-anticipated pleasure of having JD's mama and our niece here to visit for several days.  We surprised our kids with the arrival of their cousin.

They were thrilled when they saw her get out of the car with their Mimi!

Oh the joy of cousins being together.  I remember it well from when I was a child.  Some of my most cherished summer memories were built with my cousins who we visited in Michigan and who came to Virginia to visit my brother and me.  Good times.

An afternoon at the lake.  With a few kayak rides thrown in for good measure.  

Then a day at Busch Gardens.  James sure loves his cousin, 'Mun-yuh' (aka Megan).  Megan is my brother's oldest child.  She's 20.  It's crazy to think my brother has a 20-year-old!

Waiting in line to go on the giant swings.  Always a hit!

Hoofin' it through BG!

We were sad to see our family go.  Tennessee's not that far away, but sometimes it feels just a tad too far.  :(

Two days into their stay, we had a bit of an adventure begin.  We've had some crazy storms of late.  I'm sure many of you on this side of the Mississippi can relate.  

Holy moly. 

We lost power and were without it the last two days that our guests were in.  Fortunately, after the storm passed the temperatures dropped into the 70's.  We enjoyed the most beautiful weather at Busch Gardens!  It was a high of 80 that day and sunny.  Nice!

Our power returned the day they left.  We managed well while they were here since we stayed gone until bedtime both nights, but we were pretty over it by the time it returned.  

Then two days later, another storm rolled in.  All these storms were rather violent.  We lost power again and were without if for four days.

Let's make this clear...

We don't have a generator.  

We've always just left town and headed to my folks 45 minutes away. 

Fortunately, a 'stay-cation' was planned for this week anyway with the 4th of July being smack dab in the middle of the week.  But we decided to spend the first night with dear friends before we left town.  We do family sleepovers with them from time to time because we all love the chance to spend an extended amount of time together!  It's a win-win for us and our kids!

We've been nicely settled at my folks since Sunday.  Our power came back on Monday evening (per JD who's been staying at home and working).  

But, honestly, I don't even want to go home right now!  Although we emptied the perishables from our frig and freezer, I still get to look forward to that when we get home.  

You can bet someone's getting ready to make some money on a generator!  

Hope the rest of you have your power back too!

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