Friday, July 20, 2012


Payton, Avery and I finished this book this morning.  I bawled as I read its conclusion.  Leaving Payton and Avery staring at me like I'm from Mars.  They don't understand the heart of a middle-aged woman and mother.  They're kids! 


The tears lately.  

Just out of nowhere sometimes. 

I suppose it's true that I'm pretty weepy these days.  It runs the gamut: sad and happy and overwhelmed and joyful tears.  Brooks even asked me the other day how it's possible for someone to cry when they're happy.  Little boys.

Here's the book's trailer.

You can't exactly blend in when you were born to stand out.

For obvious reasons, this book's message hit especially close to home for me.  James is an ordinary kid in so many ways, but he's so very extraordinary too.     

I can't recommend Wonder highly enough.  Read it as an adult.  Then read it to your kids when you see fit.  

Thanks, Amy, for the wonderful recommendation.  :)

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