Friday, July 27, 2012

pray as you feel led...

These stories break my heart.  Yet they amaze me.

This is proof that God is alive and well and moving in the hearts of His people.  To think that regular human beings, like you and me, just flesh and blood, are adopting children like this is downright amazing.

Please pray for this sweet little girl who has the God-given right to live.  Pray that she'll live until she gets to the States and then that she'll be healed!

Click here for the story.

By the way, Adeye is a friend of ours that we had the pleasure of getting to know (she and her husband, Anthony) when they lived in Richmond.  God is using her voice in a mighty way to fight for the orphan.  I only say this because I know these stories are unbelievable.  But believe it!  Children like Amelia really do live and breathe in far off places, the nooks and crannies of this world, that few go to.

Lord, have mercy.

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