Thursday, September 6, 2012

james: (final post)

This is the video that we just about wore out.  

Our sweet boy.

In his homeland.

But not yet home.  

Just look at his eyes.  His curiosity.  His uncertainty.

I believe this was the first video we ever saw of James.  And this is the video that I showed Dr. Lee when he said 'he has good concentration.'  :)

Here's another. 

Of course for many months, we were just glued to James in this video, but now I find my eyes traveling to the other children.  My heart breaks for them that they may still be in that very room as I type. Oye.  

And the sweetness of them.  

What are their stories?  

Why are they there?

Adoption is something that stirs up such intense emotion sometimes.  You want to save them all.  But know that you can't.  But I do know that our one, the one napping peacefully this very minute, is worthy of being home.  And yet so are the precious children in these videos.  

Why do some come home and some don't?  Because the supply doesn't meet the demand.  It's heartbreaking, y'all.

Here are two other videos.  These were sent to us just one month before we left to get him.  He looks like a baby.  It's crazy to me how much he's grown and how much stronger he is now!  

This one I played over and over and over again.  Probably for obvious reasons.  ;)

And this heart!  I can see that little twinkle in his eye that I see now everyday!  He was clearly in the presence of a much-loved caregiver.

Remember these Gotcha Day photos?  Wow.  And we thought he was doing so well!  Ahhh.

I don't need to post current photos and video of James for you to see the transformation!  You see it on here all the time. 

He is changed.

And not by us.

He is changed by the love of a Heavenly Father who loves him more than words can express.  

He is changed by the grace of God.  

He is simply changed.

We are changed.

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