Sunday, November 25, 2012

we heart dolphin tale

Have y'all seen the movie 'Dolphin Tale'?  It came out about a year ago.

We love it.

It's the true story of a dolphin named Winter who gets a prosthetic tail.  I love true stories!  Especially when the plot includes things like missing limbs, prosthetics and lots of love!  If you haven't seen it, go rent it.  It's a great flick for the whole family.

A couple of weeks ago, James and I were invited to meet Mr. Kevin Carroll, the prosthetist who made Winter's prosthetic tail for her.  He still provides her on-going care.  In fact, he said she got a new tail a week before our visit.  Huh?  I asked if her tail had been damaged and he said she's still growing (!).  She's eight years old!  Who knew a dolphin grows for so many years?

A new friend of mine, Sharon, and I traveled down the road a bit to take our children to see Mr. Carroll (he's seated in the wheelchair).  Sharon's daughter, Hope, who was adopted from Thailand at the same time we adopted James.  Hope's been receiving services for her missing limbs through Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics just like James.  Sharon and her husband, Mike, have been a blessing to JD and me as they are veteran adoptive parents (like seven times over!).  When we committed to adopt James, Sharon's one of the first people I needed to talk to.  Sharon and Mike have two sons who were born without arms so they're experienced in raising kids who are missing limbs.  In fact, their son, George, has recently hit his stride (to say the least).  Knowing that Sharon and George walked this road before us has been so comforting at times.  

Here's James with his occupational therapist, Sally, Mr. Carroll and Hope.

Sally was James' new best friend because she let him play with her ipad.  The man to the left is James' regular prosthetist, Daniel, who created James' current prosthetics and orthotics.  He's done a great job!

This is the sweet gift Mr. Carroll gave James.  Notice how Winter's missing a tail.  Love it.  If you want to see Winter live, check this out.  They keep a live webcam on her.  Our kids love to watch her.

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving!  Ours was splendid.  Sad to see it end and to see the kids go back to school.  

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