Sunday, December 16, 2012

i like adoption

This act-like-nothing's-happened post in no way reflects my heart about what happened at Sandy Hook.  Or perhaps it does reflect my heart.

Because I'm so upset by it that I don't even know what to say.  

But I will say something.  Eventually.  Once my mind stops spinning.  

In the meantime, I had to share this cool video because, well, I like adoption.

And I love this video made about our friends, the Dennehys.

I know the words 'rescued' and 'ransom' are used in this video.  And some folks struggle with that position when it comes to adoption.

I just want to say that I once did too.  A little.  And for a time.  Or perhaps I just didn't get it.  Because I hadn't experienced it firsthand.

I once thought a person who adopts for those kinds of reasons can't possibly love their adoptive child.  I've learned that's not true.

Because I am that person.

But, ya wanna know how I really know it?

Because I too was rescued.

And a ransom was paid for me.

And when people talk about Jesus being on a rescue mission, it's glorious and powerful and wonderful.

But when adoptive parents, 'raise a ransom', cross oceans and continents, lay their hearts on the line and  take the biggest leap of faith they've ever taken, for the sake of loving a child to wholeness, it's somehow seen as ill-intentioned.

I don't quite get it because to me, earthly adoption is a rescue.  It just is.  If a child would've died had s/he been left in an orphanage, then what is it if it's not a rescue?

If a child would've ended up a prostitute had she not been adopted, then it's a rescue.

If a child would've ended up poor and destitute had he not been adopted, then it's a rescue.

If a child would've spent their life in and out of jail, off and on drugs, if she hadn't been adopted, then it's a rescue.

And, forgive me, but if a child would've reached the age of 20 and ended up shooting a classroom full of innocent children had someone not intervened in his life and shared the gospel with him, then it's a rescue.

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