Sunday, December 2, 2012

day of thanks

This Thanksgiving was low key and wonderful.  Before we left for my parents' house, I had to get some shots of the kids playing in the beautiful red carpet of leaves that had fallen from the Japanese Maple next door.

Avery and Brooks

James got in on the action

And he was showered by his sibs

He loved it!

Our ever-airborne or flip-flopping girl

Their solution to the sun being in their eyes.  Nature's sunglasses.  


Avery Rose


A James sandwich

They love this tree

Then we headed to my parents'.  It was a quieter Thanksgiving than in years past -- just us and my mom and Allen.  At first I thought it was going to feel lacking, but it actually felt very plentiful and full.  Sometimes quiet, small and lazy is just what's in order.    

Dropping the bird in the fryer

Papa got to share his 3D TV with the kids.  And share his cheesy grin with us (you're welcome, Papa).

This was a first for the kids.  What a treat!

My mom's so good about keeping the kids' Thanksgiving-themed art projects and pulling them out each year to deck the table with.

All set and ready to go!

On Friday, a long walk was definitely in order.  It was just perfect.  One we will never forget.

The weather was stellar

Have you ever?   That is one ginormous maple leaf. 

Where'd Jackson go?

Always the model.  :)

If he's not careful he might set sail.

Amazing what wide-open spaces do for kids

And dogs

Now that is a tongue!
And then the real adventure began...

We found caves...

...created from the root bases of trees that crossed over ravines

Nature's balance beams

They loved walking back and forth over this fallen tree

Brooks' turn

All three at once

Look what a beaver friend left for us!  So, so cool.

JD's BB gun came out and it was a huge hit!

And BB guns have now been added to the kids' Christmas lists...ahhh...

And deer prints to boot!

The lake is always so serene in the colder months.  Still, quiet and peaceful.  The perfect place for our outdoor adventure.

What a treat this simple romp through the woods was!

And, in case you're wondering, James is in full holiday spirit mode!  He clearly understands when something's a celebration -- birthdays, Thanksgiving and Christmas!  The joy of a celebration jives beautifully with his joyful spirit.  He is very into Christmas music and Christmas lights and Santa and reindeer -- all of it!  It's such a joy to experience these things with him for the first time.  

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