Monday, February 25, 2013

a home for girls

Our church has supported and loved on a community of people in Hato Major, Dominican Republic for many years.  Team after team have gone there to meet the medical and dental needs of the local people, to construct buildings, assist in the implementation of water treatment systems, and more recently, plant a passion fruit farm to create sustainable income. 

In fact, HOPE sent a medical/dental team there last week.

In December, JD went with a small team for a different purpose.

To meet with locals about the need for a children's home.

It seems the need is great.  

So great that this land was donated by the government to a local ministry that HOPE partners with.

The specific need?  A home for girls, ages 9 to 18, who have been abused and need refuge.

Funny how when you start asking questions, God already has the details laid out: the need, the land, the people.  Just one inquiry led very quickly to a 'Yes!' and a trip was made.

Rental property is being identified to try a pilot home for six months or a year.  

Anyone for some Rosetta Stone Spanish?  

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