Saturday, March 16, 2013

a gotcha day to remember!

It was a Gotcha Day to remember.

For days leading up to March 4th, we talked about 'Gotcha Day.'

So when we were putting James to bed the night before, he protested with, 'Awww...I wanna Gotcha!' and 'I go Gotcha, Mommy?'

He hadn't a clue.

All he knew was that Gotcha sounded like a good thing.

So he wanted to be a part of it.

Oh boy, was he a part of it.

It involved family and friends.

A dinner out for some dim sum.

We haven't had dim sum since we were in China and we noticed there that he really likes it.  And it's been very clear for the last 377 days we've had James in our lives that he loves some rice.

In fact, when you ask him what his favorite foods are it's top of the list with hot dogs, pizza, chicken soup (specifically, Beva's chicken soup) and chick-a-lay (i.e. Chick-fil-A).

He loooved the rice and dim sum.

My grandmother was in from Michigan!  What a treat to have her because she was here last year when we stepped of the plane with James, too.  So special for our kids to have memories of their great-grandmother.

Brooks, Avery and Jackson aren't big fans of Chinese food, but we introduced them to sweet-n-sour chicken and dim sum and they loved it!

Our dear, sweet friends/neighbors Beverly and Bootsie came and my mom and my grandmother.  

This was a Gotcha Day to remember for a couple of reasons...

* 365 days with our sweet Jimmy Jam who has blossomed into a ray of sunshine in our lives!

* A reminiscent dinner of dim sum one year later.

* Being with family and friends who were with us when we arrived home with James (one year ago yesterday).

* And because James enjoyed his meal so much that he shoveled and shoveled that rice and dim sum into that little tummy of his...until...yep, he puked right at the dinner table onto his plate.

Check please!

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