Friday, March 1, 2013

birthday girl, part 1

Much to my surprise, this precious girl turned eleven at the beginning of the month.

I'll never forget the moment I laid eyes on her.

I knew we were having a girl so I was expecting a mini-me.

And she was born looking exactly like JD.

Look at those eyes and cheeks!

So distinguished, even as a young girl.

One of her favorite restaurants is the Japanese steakhouse, so we decided to venture out with everyone.

A first.

My mom and Avery.

Jimmy Jam with his miso soup.

Clearly, I too like the Japanese steakhouse.

Is this seriously the only shot of the birthday girl?  Good gracious.  

Brooks and Jackson were beside themselves with 'Awesome!' and 'That's cool!' throughout the night.  The loved the onion volcano and when the chef lit the whole thing on fire!  So much so that our chef did an encore because Brooks kept saying how awesome it was!   This was a first for them and they loved it!

Then, the following weekend, it was time for Payton's annual sleepover.  With her best buds: Emma, Sarah and Ella.   Build-your-own-pizzas, cherry cola and cream soda (no, that is not Sam Adams for the girls!).

With cupcakes to follow.

And a movie ('The Odd Life of Timothy Green') and popcorn.

There you have it.  Our girl's eleven.  It's unbelievable.  In some ways, it feels like yesterday when she was born.  In others, I have lived every moment and remember each one.  

I wouldn't trade her for the world.  She's amazing.  Sometimes sassy, yes, but amazing nonetheless.

Thank You, Lord, for this precious girl that we get to have for this time.  Oh, how we love her and thank You that You chose her to be our first born.  She is a true gem.

We love you, P-Girl.  

Thanks for being you.

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