Wednesday, December 11, 2013

5 days

Five days and counting until Christine arrives.

We are so excited for her to come, yet I feel like a chicken with my head cut off.  The kids keep asking me, 'When, mama, when will Christine come?'  They are super excited.  In fact, a couple of them keep asking why we can't adopt her.  It's a tough one, right?  I mean, God opened their hearts to adoption.  They get it and know how wonderful it can be thanks to our wonderful Jimmy Jam.  So I find myself saying I don't feel in my heart that we're meant to adopt Christine, we're just meant to bring her here, love on her and help her find her family.

A pair of pajamas and a toothbrush & toothpaste wait on her bed for her.

I just ordered her a stocking that matches ours with her name embroidered on it.  I couldn't imagine picking up some random stocking and having her feel, perhaps again, like the odd man out.  And I hope it might mean a lot to her to have her very own stocking with her name on it.

Our dear friends, yet again, have risen to the occasion.  They're always so quick to show us that they're with us on these little 'adventures' God sends us on.  They gave us a $100 Target gift card to take Christine shopping.  Mm-mm-mm.

And it doesn't end there...

Two fellow Hopers (i.e. folks who attend our church, HOPE Church) have offered to treat Christine at no cost.  A dentist and an eye doctor.

This is huge, y'all.  The dentist is even coming in on his day off to treat her so he can devote all the time necessary to her possible need for restorations.

A family with a 15 year old has offered hand-me-downs from their daughter.  Yes!

It's amazing to watch God move in His people and to see a community rally around a girl from a faraway land.  A girl no one's even met, but who we all know deserves to experience Jesus and to feel loved.

JD and I found out yesterday that we have to have physicals completed before Christine travels.  Um...that left us four days.  Now, we have appointments late in the afternoon on Friday.  Talk about 11th hour.

Sometimes, I can get all grumbly and grumpy when things aren't simple, tidy and smooth.  I don't like curve balls, but they sure are a part of life, aren't they?

We're rocking and rolling and looking forward to 8:45 PM when her flight arrives on Monday!

Please pray that she feels safe and comfortable with us.  Can you imagine the bravery of this young woman to come here literally all by herself?

That alone is humbling.

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