Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lord, have mercy...

JD and I went on Tuesday (as planned) and were re-fingerprinted and I got another $100 money order (this time from Martin's -- why not? Let's spice it up a little!). I picked up the boys from school and we went by our social worker's office and dropped off every last little form that was needed, along with our fingerprints and the money order.

On Wednesday (yesterday), I sent off our request for a refund for our original lost money order.


about 30 minutes ago...

our social worker calls...

and says...

"You're never going to believe this.

Guess what I just got in the mail?

The original FBI background check results."


She says, "So I called over to the Office of Background Investigations to find out where it's been and why it's showing up now -- after we'd already advised you guys to go get fingerprinted again and submit a new money order." The woman there says she doesn't get it. It's dated December 20, 2010 and just got processed on January 21, 2011. She doesn't know where it's been for the last month. And our social worker called and spoke with them that very day (January 21st!) about this issue.


I don't do well with this kind of thing. God, give me grace. Grace. Grace. I sometimes I think I might implode from sheer frustration. Mmm-mmm-mmm.

Having said all of this, our home study is in it's final written form and JD and I are reviewing it and making corrections. It's going to our Massachusetts-based placement agency for review too and should be officially signed-off on by this time next week.

Can I get an amen?!

How 'bout a hallelujah!?

How 'bout a whoo-hoo!?

Okay, for you Southerners out there, we'll take a yee-ha!


  1. Yee ha!! Adoption is one crazy roller coaster ride!!

  2. Oh I meant to ask who your agency in Mass. is?



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