Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Okay, so we've heard a hundred times how 'things happen' in the adoption process. We've had people warn us to be prepared for unexpected setbacks. I guess today was our first...

I emailed our social worker to find out if there are any 'hanging chads' with our home study. Forms left incomplete? Something not signed? Something we're missing? She said everything looks great but she hadn't gotten back our FBI background check yet -- only our CPS (child protective services) background check. She said she had a call in to look into it.

She then calls me a couple of hours later and says our FBI background check is missing. Huh? It was sent out (by her) in the same envelope with our CPS stuff and somehow they have no record of it. Yet the CPS one is processed. She said the woman she spoke to has no idea what happened to it and asked that we complete it again. 'Complete it again' means we have to go back to Henrico County to be fingerprinted again (pay another $20) and get another money order (for 100!). What?! I'm dumbfounded.

I ask her if this is what people talk about with adoption? That things like this 'just happen'? Things just come up missing. Her answer? No, this is the first time this has ever happened to one of clients.


So we're out a hundred bucks and have to make the time to get fingerprinted again -- AND our home study will not be complete until this background check comes in. It could be weeks. She says she can request that it be expedited.

I know this is the beginning of a long road and we will likely have many, many hold ups, but for goodness sakes, already!? I can only imagine how complicated things can/will get when we're dealing with other countries, other languages, other governments, but good grief, this FBI check was to be processed right here in Virginia -- maybe even Richmond!?


Patience, Heather. Patience.


  1. hang in there Heather. While I can't imagine the task and joy you guys are taking on, I do think it is wonderful. It won't always be easy but i am sure you will find a way to make it look easy. And you will be happy-that is what counts. Praying for you guys!

  2. Heather - I don't have "good" fingerprints. I don't even know how many times I had to be refingerprinted. I totally feel your pain. This comes with the territory. I know that does not make it any easier but look how fabulous my children are. Hopefully that helps!! My point - In the end you will know that your children were worth it all!! And God's plans are beyond our wildest dreams!!

  3. Thanks, ladies. Exactly what our social worker said ("Once you have your children, you won't remember these setbacks"). I just struggle with people being careless or not doing their jobs, but we certainly all make mistakes so I want to apply the same grace to others that I would want them to apply to me if I messed up. It just stinks. We've decided to pursue it a little more before we run out redo everything. Perhaps with a little more prodding we can find it or at least better understand it. Carrie, I don't think I have 'great fingerprints' either! Mine had to be redone and redone. Ahhh. :) And, yes, your children are fabulous. :)



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