Friday, January 21, 2011


I'm learning that there's great value in waiting. It's especially helpful when I can be patient. After all, if one can't be patient (i.e. at peace) in the waiting then it's horrendous.

I met with a sweet friend on Wednesday morning and she had such wisdom around this truth. She was saying that as much as we can't see how our adoptive children having to wait can be good at all, there's benefit in the waiting because we, on this side of the adoption, are being prepared during the waiting. JD and I need preparation. Our kids need preparation. Our families need preparation. Our friends need preparation. We all need it so we can welcome these children with prepared hearts.

Omigoodness. Preparing our hearts and minds is so very, very crucial. So I'm feeling much peace in the waiting (at least at this very second -- talk to me tomorrow).

Another couple we've become friends with told us the story of their son's adoption. They were in-country and there was a glitch. They were told that he (the child) hadn't been on some kind of registry long enough to be adopted so he was one week shy of eligibility. They were there in the country where he was born so they were able to just sit tight for an extra week. But had it been that he wasn't going to be eligible for months or that they weren't physically there, the agency/social workers could've said, you're going to have to adopt a different child. They felt certain this was God's perfect timing because he was meant to be their son and if the timing had been off even a little, they may not have been able to adopt him.

I just trust God so much sometimes and yet my trust and faith in Him can be so pathetic at other times. Right now, we're easily trusting Him that He's got this and the time it takes this adoption to occur is the exact time required to adopt the children He's meant for our family. I mean, my gosh, perhaps our children aren't even up for adoption yet!

Will keep you posted on the mysteriously missing FBI background check. Do you think the FBI could figure out what happened to it? Grin.


  1. The other reason for waiting is that God is prepareing your new childrens' hearts to accept YOU! I know you know that it will be sooo disorienting to them to be with you and in a new place. Keep praying that God will mold their hearts to fit yours, that having you will feel like you fit into the missing peice of their lives.

  2. Heather, though we've had a long and difficult wait for our son, we are able to see that during this wait, some of the 65 waiting families have been witnessed to and some have adopted other children that they may not have adopted if we weren't waiting. Less orphans because of our wait and more people hearing about the love of Jesus! Sometimes when we wait, it is things like that that just keep us going. It seems forever, but to God, well His timing is a bit different :O) Our day is his 1,000 years?



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