Tuesday, April 26, 2011

always a little test in patience...

Man, Easter was sweet. Our church was ridiculously packed (standing room only -- it overflowed out into the concourse!). And God hit it out of the park through our pastor who gave an amazing sermon on why Jesus' resurrection gave us a resounding 'Yes!' answer to so many questions in life. If you'd like to listen to it, click here. But sweeter than that, in an email from our pastor to thank all the volunteers who helped pull it off, he gave the crazy amount of people in attendance on Sunday, but concluded with "When you consider that each life is a person who God loves and cares about and wants to know and invite to life in Him - it's just such a privilege. It's not 'a numbers thing' it's a privilege. That's the one word I can think of."

So here's another little test in patience for me...

As you may remember, we had to have our doctor fill out medicals specific to China as part of the stuff we have to get to Wide Horizons to lock 'little man's' file. We accomplished so much on Friday and I was ready to pick up the completed medical forms yesterday and get all this stuff in the mail to Wide Horizons today. But alas, our doctor's nurse called and said the forms are complete however there are spaces for the test results of two additional tests (Hep B screening and another that I can't remember) on this form that weren't required on the original form that was completed when we had our physicals done, therefore these tests weren't requested. She asked if we wanted to just pick up the forms without those test results or have our doctor order the tests. Ugh. Clearly, it seems that we better have these tests done. Since these forms are part of our dossier and very 'official' in terms of what China requires from us, we certainly can't have any blanks!

"So how long will it take those test results to come back?" I ask.

"5 to 7 business days," she says.

Well, there goes my best laid plan of getting these things in the mail to Wide Horizons this week. Or even next...

Next week we'll be on vacation, so we won't be able to pick up the completed forms until the second week of May. This is the kind of stuff that God's using to develop in me the character that He wants for me. I am so not naturally patient. You guys have no idea. But I really am doing okay with all this! God is clearly doing a work in me. And it's nice. Now...when we've officially accepted the referral for 'little man' and we're expecting any day to get the call to travel to go get him, I cannot promise a lick of patience! I will probably be the crabbiest, most antsy, think ready-to-pop-huge-pregnant-woman-please-Lord-let-me-have-this-baby-today impatience. Only time will tell.

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  1. Stuff like this happens all the time. Just remember God's timing is perfect!!! While we were waiting on Sophie a wise friend told me "that man plans and God laughs."



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