Wednesday, April 27, 2011

so loved

There's a family I've come to 'know' (on-line) who moved up north from, I believe, Richmond. They're quite a neat family who have answered the Lord's call to adopt (many times). They're in the process of fundraising to bring home two reeally adorable daughters, Esther and Poppy, from China. If you perhaps feel the Lord's nudge to contribute a small bit toward their fundraising efforts, click on this button.

So Loved

I never realized the hundreds (perhaps thousands) of families around this country who depend solely on fundraising to pay for their adoptions. It's amazing to hear story after story of how God provides to give the fatherless families. I am moved daily by these stories. I am moved that we, as just distant outsiders, can be part of such an amazing effort.

Enjoy learning more about this family. They're one of so very many.

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