Saturday, April 23, 2011

file transferred!

It's with much joy (and high-fiving all around!) that we were notified yesterday that our little guy's file was officially transferred to our agency! On Wednesday, when I contacted our social worker for an update, she told us that the transfer was taking a bit longer because she found out that he was actually not with just one agency, but a couple. Huh? Didn't know that was possible. I thought, "Ooh. That can't be good. That means each agency has to be willing to relinquish him to us." Our social worker assured us that although this isn't totally common it's not totally uncommon either.

She's a very sweet woman and often gently reminds us that we're doing this a bit backward, if you will. She's said many times that this isn't the normal way things are done, but they're happy to make an exception for the sake of this little guy being matched with his family. Amen to that!

So his file was received on Friday by Wide Horizons. However, it is not locked with us yet. We have to send her a copy of our still unofficial home study (still waiting for those durn background checks!), a photo of our family, passport photos of JD and me, and the medical forms required by China filled out by our physician and notarized.

We have a copy of our home study. Check.

We got our passport photos taken on Friday. Check.

We dropped off our medicals at the doctor's office on Friday. They should be complete by Monday afternoon. Half a check?

And our Christmas card family photo will do. Check.

Needless to say, we should have all this to Wide Horizons by the end of next week. Big check!

I have to wonderful as the true meaning of Easter is, I have to admit that I've been rather distracted lately. Having Spring Break the week before Easter causes me to 'sleep in' more. (Oh how I wish sleeping in were what it used to be!). Having a break from routine causes me not to set aside the same time each day for quiet conversation and prayer. As much as I relish in these opportunities (breaks) to recharge and truly rest, and I know my Father in Heaven isn't wagging a finger at me, I still feel distant and distracted. I say all this to be transparent and to say to any of you who may be having the same experience...God loves you (us) no matter what. If we've been 'off' with our time with Him of late, He's not wagging His finger at us. He's just waiting with open arms for when we cozy back up at His side. My prayer is that tomorrow will be that for me (and maybe for you).

Father, may tomorrow be so much more than just a day with family and friends with lots of great food and where candy abounds! Lay heavy upon my heart the true gift of what Easter is. May my spirit be stirred over and over again with the gift of Jesus and all He's done for me (us).

Thank you, Jesus.

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